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Registration & Bike Racking

Registration opens Friday evening from 4.00 PM - 7.00 PM next to transition in Philip Street Park. If you can't make it Friday evening, you can sign on and rack on the day from 5.00 AM until 10 minutes before the first wave.

Bike racking would preferably be done on Friday - security will be available in the transition area on Friday night to watch over your bikes.

When you arrive at the venue you will need to sign in at the registration area. Line up based on your age group, you will then be asked for your surname and first name.

You will receive your registration pack which will include:

  1. Bike Sticker - This is a small sticky label with your number on it.

  2. Bib Number - Put this on your shirt (front) with safety pins or on your race belt.

  3. Timing Band - Around your left ankle.

  4. Swim Cap - Make sure it is the right colour for your wave.

Once you have signed on and have your bike number securely on the top of your bike, only then can you enter your bike into the transition area (during opening hours).


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