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Frequently Asked Questions

When do official entries close?

Official entries close 10 days prior to the event. Late entries are offered until the Friday before the event - unless sold out prior.

Do I need a One Day Membership (ODM)?

The ODM is automatically added to your entry, if you do not have a Triathlon Australia membership.

I have entered a team – do we all need a One Day Membership (ODM)?

No, you are only required to purchase one ODM per team entry. If ALL team members are annual TA members, no ODM is required. If NOT ALL members are annual members then an ODM is required.

So… wave starts?

Wave start times for each distance will be finalised in the week of the event, after official entries have closed.

What is the open category?

Opens is a non-drafting division to all participants without any age restriction. Typically, this is the most competitive category and where elites and pros enter.

What is the first timers category?

First Timers is a non-competitive wave. Don't worry - you'll get your timed results and we'll recognise, welcome and congratulate you across the line, no matter the time it takes.

Am I in the right age group?

Age group racing is determined by your age as of 31 December 2020 and grouped in five year brackets (i.e. 30-34, 35-39, etc.).

My child is below the age requirements – can they compete?

In some cases we will consider this, but we will need a letter from their coach confirming that they are capable to compete at that distance. This letter can be sent to Nicola at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Will it be a wetsuit swim?

It’s too early to tell at this stage. An indicative temp will be taken the day prior and the official water temperature will be checked the morning of the event.

Wet suits are only permitted at less than 20 degrees for opens, and less than 22 degrees for age groupers.

Can I wear flippers?

Flippers are only permitted in the first timers category.

What’s the difference between a Relay team and an All In team?

All In teams consist of three people who each complete all three legs of a tri each; Relay teams involve each team member doing a single leg of the triathlon.

What are Athenas and Clydesdales?

Athenas (75kg+) and Clydesdales (100kg+) are weight determined categories.

Are there minimum speed requirements or curfews?

We do everything we can to ensure everybody has support and completes their race. We are still pending final approvals from Council, so we do not have the exact curfew times yet – but our planning takes into account all the previous athlete times on the course over recent races to ensure everyone finishes (particularly the cycle as it relates to road closures).

How much does it cost?

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What about refunds, withdrawals, and transfers?

  • Withdrawal 45 days or more out from the event you will receive an 80% refund or 100% credit.
  • Withdrawal 14-44 days out from the event you will receive a 50% refund or 100% credit.
  • Withdrawal 13 days or less out from the event you will receive no refund and 100% credit of your entry fee.
  • Withdrawal 48 hours or less out from the event you will receive no refund or credit of your entry fee.
  • Refunds or credits do not apply to items such as merchandise, accommodation, meals, travel and are only applicable to entry fees.
  • To receive credit or refund, withdrawals must be made in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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