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Wetness Map

This year we have encountered a build up of sand north of the bridge that will require the course to do a snaking bend to the west towards the swim exit. As a result of this north-of-the-bridge course change, the swim will start and head south along the bank approximately 90m with a u-turn across the creek, then head north.

We will swim through the bridge arch closer to the van park this year - just make sure you look up when swimming through the bridge and follow the lifesavers' instructions so you don't beach yourself! 

For those in later swim starts, the draining current will move you quicker through this narrow channel to the north of the bridge towards the swim exit. To reach the exit, you will still wade across the sand bar to the plastic foot bridge - follow the pathways to the south where you can rinse off under the showers or use the toilets, before entering transition.

The decision on wetsuits will be made on the day, but in our view it is unlikely to be a wetsuit swim based on the seasonal average for this time of the year. Fun fact of the day: a wetsuit can cause overheating of your body if the water is too warm, and this can lead to cardiac arrest or other trauma during a 1.9km swim.


Your swim starts at the boat ramp opposite Anne Street. Swim under the bridge and from there, follow the same course and exit route of the Enduroists.



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