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Road Closures

The Enduro impacts local traffic on the day and we do everything possible to minimise the inconvenience to local residents and businesses.

Tweed Coast Road from Coronation Avenue, through Wooyung to Tweed Valley Way will be closed from 6.00am to 11.00am.

Traffic along Overall Drive will be slowed and have restrictions at Blackrocks Bridge and Philip Street connections but otherwise be open from 6.00am to 2.30pm.

While racing is in progress, access in both directions from Overall Drive to Coronation Avenue will be detoured and facilitated by traffic control via Anne Street.

Start Map

The event base is from Philip Street Park, opposite the Coronation Avenue and Tweed Coast Road roundabout. 

Registration is in the big white tent on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Both transition and the finish line are only steps away.

Your supporters will be excited that there are a number of great cafes and shops only a stone's throw away as well in the village.

Start map will be included here closer to the event. 


Transition is built only a few steps away from registration on the grass reserve (corner Coronation Avenue and Philip Street) near the village centre. You're in close proximity to the finish line, cafes and recovery.

The Penalty Box is located on the roadway (Tweed Coast Road), near the cycle entry into transition. Penalties must be served before entering transition.

From the swim exit on the creek bank, it is approximately a 300m run along the sand and pathway into the transition entry gate.

The swim entry and the cycle entry/exit are in the same location to the north. The run exit is located to the south.

The transition map will be included here closer to the event. 

Swim Map


Cycle Map 

The course begins as you head south from the transition exit and turn left on the roundabout. From here you will fly across the bridge onto Tweed Coast Road where you will glide along the straight for a while. 

When you hit the Wooyung settlement on the corner, you turn west with the road and climb the only hill (not too stressful!) where you will reach the u-turn before the Tweed Valley Way historical wooden railway bridge.

On the return leg you will pass the fruit shops before Wooyung corner and return to Pottsville down the straight and across the bridge where you will circle the roundabout and head out again for the next lap.

A Hammer Nutrition refuel station will be provided on Coast Road, as is indicated on the map.  

Sprint+ complete one lap.



Flyover Enduro Bike Course


Run Map

The run course is a three lap, 21.1km circuit. Exiting from transition, it is a southward journey along the roadway, following Overall Drive along the grass parklands before entering the pathway along Mooball Creek then crossing Blackrock Bridge (Sprint+ turn point) where you will make a u-turn at the football fields.  

Here, after a refreshment from one of the Hammer Fuel stations, head back along the creek-side roadway towards transition. The run will stay on the grass behind the houses to avoid the Blackrocks shopping centre and traffic.  The loop course now includes a run-by near the transition and finish line.

Athletes need to be aware that there may be residents exiting properties in vehicles and on pathways and some light traffic is to be expected on the roadway.


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